Monday, January 21, 2008

Airfare News

Just wanted to let others know about United. I booked my tickets yesterday. I have been watching airfares since sending in my deposit and saw direct flights from Chicago to Beijing and Hong Kong back to Chicago, DIRECT on United. And the price was under the budgeted/approximation of $1500. Even my friend who is traveling from vermont through Chicago got a nearly identical rate including her legs from and to Vermont!

United flight 851 leaves on Saturday May, 10 and United flight 896 leaves Hong Kong on Saturday, May 24.

Hope this helps and look forward to meeting you all in China!

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Rich said...

That does sound like a great deal. Good job tracking that down.

Christopher, that flight schedule made me revisit the brochure. I had assumed that leaving on the 9th would get me in so that I would meet up with the group the day I arrived. Now I see that the first night in the hotel isn't until the 11th. Will my friend and I need to find our own place to stay for the 10th? Got any suggestions?