Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Olympic Designers

There are several designers and firms working on the Olympics and we
hope to meet at least a few of them, but I can't promise. This next
month or so, we will be confirming our appointments and solidifying
our schedule. My go! al is to visit these Olympic designers, but it
depends on the ir schedules. We are arriving just 2 months before the
launch of the Olympics. I envision two scenarios. 1. Everything is
done because of early production deadlines. 2. They are up to their
ears in madness.

Here are the names of the people I know who are working on the olympics:

Kao Jun and Meikao Company
They have 3 offices and are one of the five major design/advertising
agencies working on the Olympics. We hope to visit their Beijing office.

Dzeng Hwei
Designer in Beijing who has hosted me before. He is working on the
design of the venues.

Sorry to be unsure about this, but we will do our best to visit anyone
working on the Olympics who is willing to see us.


BennettPeji said...

I'll be a great experience no matter who we get to see. Have you contacted Min Wang, who designed the 2008 Olympic Games identity? He was a speaker at our AIGA national design conference in Denver last October?


Rich said...

I was wondering about this too. I had breakfast with him during the conference and would love to meet up with him again if possible.