Friday, January 18, 2008

Q&A: Joining Late, Husband joining, Cancellation

Here are three questions from one of the participants with my answers.

-If I could not join the group until a later date such as Tuesday or Wednesday, would that be a problem?
I think we can work it out to have you join us a few days late. We would just need to make sure we can connect. You would need to get yourself to where we are and I'm not sure how this may effect the price of the trip. We'll have to see about hotel nights, etc.

-Also, my husband wanted to possibly join me in China, but he would not be attending most of the daily activities. He has already been to China and has another itinerary planned with work and friends. If he was interested in being a part of one or more activities(not design related, such as dinner,etc), could he pay per event?
My daughter will be joining me, but she will also be attending all the activities. I think it would be fine to have your husband along. Will he go along with us from city to city? If so, we would need to work out the flight/transportation arrangements as part of the group. You would simply book the trip as a "single occupant" for the hotel and we would make sure you had arrangements to suit you both. As for paying for individual events, I'm sure we could work something out. We'll have to see what expenses there are. We are basically trying to cover the cost of events.

-I understand the down payment is $500. What is the cancellation policy if anything were to happen like get sick, etc..?
Huang Li, the editor of Package and Design Magazine is helping us to arrange the internal tour package with the China Travel Service (state owned). He has assured me that things are flexible, but for my peace of mind, I have been trying to get more detail on things like the cancellation policy with no luck. It seems to be pretty flexible and I am booking a range of participants (i.e.: 20-23 people). I will do my best to refund your money up to the last possible moment if needed. I will also provide you with more details on cancellation policies from the China Travel Service as soon as I get them. I am hoping this will be in the next few weeks.



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