Friday, January 11, 2008

Exploring the Rest of ASIA

hi, my name is Jesse Thomas, my portfolio is I live in Washington DC.

I was in the Sharing Dreams 2007 program, and I was just in Havana for Icograda.

I recently left my job at AOL to start my own design firm here in DC. This trip was one of the reasons I wanted to be in charge of my career.. What job would let an employee take of 3+ weeks to go to china. Even if it is related to AIGA...

so that being said, I figure if im going to china why not see shanghai and tokyo.. then I start thinking about vietnam and thailand. etc

anyone else thinking the same thing?

either way im gonna put up a site to document my part of this china expedition..!


8900200 said...


I wish I could take off a few extra weeks and hit some other countries. China is going to be great though!

I checked out your site and work samples. Man, you are prolific. I am still a student in many ways and my styles are pretty constrained.

Got any tips for practising getting out of my mold and playing with textures and images like you have? I've never been an illustrator, but as an interactive designer/developer I am able to manipulate files as needed. Do you do a ton of extracting in PS to get those images in your designs?


PS - have you seen any mention of the FTP login info for posting our D&P files?

JESS3 said...

hey bro, I uploaded the files per the instructions from mike. did you get that squared away?

I use ps and ill to make the images. id say start with some great photo graphs and break em down with auto trace and the like, then use layer effects to blend images over top.. repeat from the top.. etc